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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rattlers Love Seafood? : The Summer Feast Crab Boil Extravaganza

Students waiting in line for food
The Rattler spirit filled the hot summer air at this year’s Summer Feast Crab Boil Extravaganza. Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association put together the event with the help of the students A&S fees. The event was held on July 18th from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. not too far from the Campus Recreation Center. The smell of seafood and DJ Loosekid’s great music roamed throughout the area.

Almost all of the students had on hats, sunglasses and the proper summer attire. Water bottles were everywhere as well as people fanning themselves to stay cool. John Mezier, a second year Biology student from Winter Haven, Florida, enjoyed himself but not the heat. Mezier said,

“The atmosphere is good; it’s really family-like! It’s just too hot!”

Students did not let the heat slow them down one bit. Everyone kept their spirits high and had a good time regardless of the heat and the annoying flies and gnats. Napierra Alexander, a third year Broadcast Journalism student from Atlanta, Georgia, did not enjoy the bugs one bit. She said,

Napierra Alexander
“The flies are the worst part; I haven’t gotten any food yet because I don’t want flies to be in my food.”

Many of the students had the same views on the event. The different types of seafood, desserts, fruits and drinks were worth the heat and bug obstacles. Andrew Mitchell, a fourth year Broadcast Journalism student from Jacksonville, Florida, said,

“The food is the best part but the bugs are the worst part, I would’ve preferred it being inside.”

Although the students talked a lot about the heat and the bugs, they also talked about how much of a good time they were having. The students seemed grateful for the event and were all nodding their heads to their favorite tunes as they were being interviewed. Mezier kept his opinion about the crab boil short and sweet,

“It’s fun!”

The amount of hard work that  SGA and FAMU Campus Rec. put in to make the event a success was noticed by Alexander.

“I like the turnout; it’s a really good turnout! A lot of people having conversations, people networking… it’s a good event!”

The Summer Feast Crab boil Extravaganza was another FAMU event that built memories for the student body. The event was nothing but smiles and good vibes. Andrew Mitchell summed the whole experience up for majority of the students,

“It’s a great college atmosphere!”

By: Widson Charlemont

Publisher: Famu Rec - 9:47 AM

Monday, July 21, 2014

Spades' Tournament: Finale

The last series of the tournament in the championship round.

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Spades is a game that depends on countless aspects of luck and skill. Many players saw the game go in their favor, but then saw the next day or next series a different outcome. Eight teams played in this tournament, only one team finished on top. Marcus St. Phard and Willie Wooden won the tournament in a dominant fashion.

Day three of the tournament expanded to an unexpected addition of another day to the tournament. Players did not go down easy on the third day. Games lasted for longer than expected. Many of the players who lost were seen leaving disappointed and heartbroken.

Ladarian White is a fourth year accounting student from Pensacola. He and his teammate lost to the runner-up in the tournament. They were very disappointed in their lost, but felt there was not much they could do.

"I mean, we did our best," White said. "80 percent of spades is luck. We had a bad hand most of the time, and 20 percent is skill. They played the better hand and had the better team."

The last semifinal series before the championship series was played.

The team that White lost to in the series, also managed to knock out another team in their next series. Demonjne Robertson and Ansel Ricks were the runner-up team in the tournament. They played some great series and silently dismantled most of their opponents.

"It was a good tournament, even though we did not win," Robertson said. "We won the first series, and just got killed the next."

Ansel Ricks is from Orlando, while Robertson is from Lakeland. The two had great chemistry and played a lot together in the past. Ricks shared some of his feelings on the last series for the championship series.

"Some mistakes were made, and then again they just had better hands that last series," Ricks said. "It wasn't much we could do, but try to stay alive."

St. Phard and Wooden really dominated their opponents, whether it was the trash talking or beating teams with bostons (winning all tricks of a hand). Ironically, they pulled off two bostons in the second series to eliminate the chance of any life for Ricks and Robertson, who won the first series. Since, St.Phard and Wooden never lost in the tournament before playing Ricks and Robertson, St.Phard and Wooden only had to win one series.

"It was crazy," St.Phard said. "They came back on us in the first series, but then we pulled off two bostons in the last series to win the tournament."

The two teammates proved that they were the best team in the tournament. They were unstoppable, and their only loss came from a surprising comeback. Most players felt the tournament was very organized and fun. The tournament seemed to be very successful, and a nice opportunity for college students to win some money.

By. Andrew Mitchell
Publisher: Famu Rec - 12:41 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Transition: Freshman Orientation

There are many new faces around campus this summer. Some of the Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University’s graduating class of 2018 will be roaming the campus. The students got a taste of the college life and what they were getting themselves into during their orientation this summer.

Although the freshmen are ready to get acquainted with their new homes, some of them did not know how to show their excitement. Laure Fiotte, an orientation leader from Miami, Florida, said,

“They are nonchalant in the beginning.”

Fiotte noticed that as the students go through the orientation, they become more content,

“As the first day goes on, they get excited, pumped, ‘turnt’! Whatever you want to call it.”

Loren McCutchen, a first-year Nursing student from Fort Meade, Florida, gave her take on orientation. She had a great time but did not enjoy taking placement tests.

“At first it was boring, but once you got to know some people and get involved, it became fun.”

All of the students and parents have their fair share of questions and concerns. There are a couple of questions that are always asked.

Jonathan Sanders, an orientation leader from Tampa, Florida, gave some of the questions that he answered the most.

“One of the most asked questions is ‘what is there to do?’, people always ask about financial aid and where Foote-Hilyer is.”

Fiotte likes to find out where the new students are from and what made them come to FAMU. Jonathan Sanders enjoys giving them the rundown on college. He mentioned,

“My observation is that everybody is just trying to find their place and see how they will be most comfortable.”

McCutchen has only been in Tallahassee for a short time but already knows that the Capital City is the place for her. It has always been where she has wanted to be since her childhood days.

“I love Tally! It’s everything I imagined it would be and more!”

The orientation leaders left the students with important tips that they thought would be beneficial to the newcomers and their college experience. Laure Fiotte gave her words of collegiate wisdom by saying,

“Find your place. Live in the moment. Enjoy your time here. Network and meet as many people as you can.”

One piece of advice that stuck with McCutchen is to always go to class.

Orientation Leaders at the TOPS After Party
Jonathan Sanders also gave his input on what freshmen should know by mentioning,

“Take advantage of all of your opportunities; everything you do today will impact your future. Break out of your comfort zone.”

The faculty, staff and upperclassmen welcome the FAMU Class of 2018. Next year, these same students will be the ones to share their experiences with the newcomers. Orientation is where it all starts. For more information about New Student Orientation, feel free to go to the link below.

By: Widson Charlemont 
Publisher: Famu Rec - 9:30 AM

Monday, July 14, 2014

Spades Tournament: Round Two

Educational Classroom

Round two of the spades tournament did not disappoint. It started off very upbeat, but ended with many players upset. A new location was provided for Thursday's spades tournament. Many players were eager to get the event started.

The Educational Classroom showcased the night's festivities. Players learned from their trash talking from the night prior. Meanwhile, the classroom was much smaller than the Group Exercise Room, but it allowed players to see the other competition more closely and plot ideas for the next game day.

Six teams played in Thursday's tournament. Players seemed confident about their games and set to unleash terror. The games began around 6 p.m. again, and finished a little after 8 p.m. Players spoke of a more competitive atmosphere and their feelings on the night.

Quentin Brown is a third year Florida A&M University student. Brown's night ended in disappointment. Brown and his teammate, Eunice Johnson, were eliminated from the tournament.

FAMU students participate in spades tournament.

"Tonight sucked," Brown said. "Last night wasn't as competitive, but tonight they had our number. I play spades a lot. We just didn't get it done tonight. It was a huge disappointment."

Brown was just a little more upset than his partner. Johnson is also a third year student at Florida A&M University. Johnson felt like the loss of the game was her fault.

"Tonight wasn't successful, but I congratulated the other team," Johnson said. "We play spades almost every other day, it just wasn't my day."

Stephanie Pierre is a senior from Orlando. Pierre is moving on to the final day. Pierre talked about the difference from Thursday's's action compared to Wednesday's games.

"Today I learned a valuable lesson," Pierre said. Keep my mouth shut. Today I kept my mouth shut and I did great. Yesterday, I did nothing but talk trash and I did all right, I don't play much . I just play with family and friends."

The tournament ended with some players disappointed, but left others adjusting for the final day. Tommorow is the last day for the tournament. We will see who has what it takes to win the visa gift card.

By: Andrew Mitchell

Publisher: Famu Rec - 1:42 PM

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Spades Tournament: Round One

A tradition that remains in many families and friendships kicked off yesterday, the annual spades tournament. Spades began in America, and remains one of America’s favorite card games. Florida A&M University’s Department of Campus Recreation held the tournament for the FAMU population and surrounding community.

The event commenced a little before 6 p.m. and ended around 8 p.m. Eight teams participated and all of the players were very ready to start the game, and confident in their partners. A lot of emotions and laughs were shared throughout the group exercise room, where the tournament was held.

Derrick Thomas is a third year civil engineering student from Jacksonville. He and his partner, Jevon Prendergast, won in yesterday's tournament and will be advancing to the next round. Thomas talked about his feelings on the match.

“I feel like we did good,” Thomas said. “Something we’re going to continue to do. I been playing since a toddler and I feel we’re going to take it all. It’s some good competition out there, but we got this.”

Group Exercise Room

Thomas’ partner Predergast is a third year student from Fort Lauderdale. Prendergast was all smiles after the win, and shared the same confidence as his teammate.

“I didn’t really get to prepare, it just came natural to me,” Prendergast said. “It’s like a breeze. Today, we did great! We won our first game, and we’re going to keep winning.”

Prendergast added that he plays spades every day. They were the first ones to win a match for the night.  Meanwhile, others continued to push until the end. The tournament is single elimination, which gives no room for a bad day.

Keondre Huggins was another player who attended the tournament. He is a second year computer information student from Tallahassee. Huggins did not win, but enjoyed playing something he loves.

“Spades is like a family tradition,” Huggins said. I felt like my experience helped me strategize today, but I could have done better. Some things you can’t control.”


Round two for some players is tonight at 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. in the group exercise room, but for others, just a good time playing spades at the recreation center. For more information about the spades match or intramural sports contact Intramural Coordinator, Marcus St. Phard at 850.412.5514.

By: Andrew Mitchell
Publisher: Famu Rec - 10:59 AM

Friday, July 4, 2014

Tallahassee's Fourth Of July Celebration

     Tallahassee, FL – Today is the Fourth of July. The Fourth of July is the celebration of America’s Independence in 1776 from Great Britain. Every year Americans celebrate independence with fireworks and a host of other traditional celebrations. The City of Tallahassee will offer an American celebration for citizens and incoming tourists to celebrate Independence Day.

     An event set is “Celebrate America,” hosted by the City of Tallahassee.  It begins at 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. Celebrate America” is sponsored by City Church and Tallahassee Your Own Utilities. Tom Brown Park, located at  330 Eastwood Drive, is the location. A free festival will include local acts such as: The Shelter Band, Digi Vu & Drummers, T.C.C Dance Company, Grace Elsen and many others. Art and food vendors will be available for the public, as well as a kid’s area with supervised games, water slides and bounce houses. Animals, personal fireworks and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

     In Addition, citizens can take the time to be with their loved ones and enjoy many of the recreation and leisure activities on site. The City of Tallahassee encourages everyone to come out and wear red, white and blue.  Shuttles will be provided around the greater Tallahassee area for the event.

     All over the United States Americans will be celebrating their independence.  The city of Tallahassee is having a big event for individuals in the community and it only hopes that all its citizens will share in this celebration with the rest of their community family.

By: Andrew Mitchell
Publisher: Famu Rec - 12:16 PM

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bridging the Gap Internationally!

    One of soccer’s premier powerhouses, Brazil, is hosting the Federation Internationale de Football Association’s World Cup for 2014. International football (or soccer) is an international sport, where American Football is an internal experience for Americans. Soccer lacks popularity amongst mainstream American sports fans. Ironically, the World Cup is seeing Americans demonstrating the complete opposite.

     The World Cup operates every four years in an elected location in the world. It is governed by the FIFA. The World Cup dates back to 1930 and continued to gain more popularity. Nineteen World Cups have been played since 1930 and only eight countries have won the World Cup. The United States has never won a World Cup championship.

     This year, 32 nations competed in FIFA’s hugest spectacle. Europe is well represented in the tournament, with 13 European nations participating. The U.S is ranked 13th in the world. Meanwhile, Germany is ranked second and Portugal is ranked fourth in their group. America is considered the melting pot of the world, which could explain the rising culture of soccer in America recently.

     Maurine Sylverain is a Fitness Intern at The Florida A&M University’s Department of Campus Recreation Center. Sylverain is a four year Health Science student and originally from Paris, France. She is cheering for the French to win the World Cup and appreciates the game of football, which many Americans would call soccer.

     “Soccer is Football in my country, it’s like a national sport,” Sylverain said. “It’s something I’ve been doing since the moment I can remember. We always watch the World Cups together (her family). Team France all the way!”

 France at the World Cup

   She explained the culture shift from France to America in regards to soccer.  Sylverain felt it was weird that soccer was so unvalued, when it’s such a global sport.  But, she is proud to see that America is gradually becoming more open and accepting to the sport.

     Soccer in the United States is rising in popularity with Americans, but still fails to attract attention like juggernaut sports in America, i.e. football and basketball. Chicago and Seattle are cities that embrace soccer with an incredible passion, like dramatic fans in Barcelona. The importance of soccer in America pales in comparison to international fans, but the country is increasingly diversifying itself with soccer.

     Florida A&M University will start a new soccer league this fall.  There will be an interest meeting on September 24. The league is being started for students looking to actively play soccer on campus. Students will have the opportunity to compete and develop soccer skills. 
     Twenty years ago, the soccer club was founded and focused on offering one of the international community’s adorned sports. The league will further the club’s agenda, and compete against other schools in the region. The league is another way that the university is expanding the sports’ culture. The same way America is beginning to embrace soccer, FAMU is indulging in a plethora of ways to embrace the sport as well.

By: Andrew Mitchell

Publisher: Famu Rec - 11:30 AM